Pro code integrations

Unifi is the pro code integration platform
that simplifies enterprise process integrations.

Why you need Unifi

Sophisticated Integration Management

Manage all your integrations in one place, grouped by process, all wrapped up with the most advanced error handling and logging of any integration platform on the market.

Inherent Operational Insight

Understand your integration landscape by gaining insight into how your integrations are operating and use this to help manage your vendors.

All Native Now

Leverage the ServiceNow platform for zero reliance on third-party middleware, enhanced security, performance and availability.

Reduced Cost

Unifi has done the hard work so you don’t have to. Forget reinventing the wheel and build on proven technology to rapidly deploy reliable integrations.

SIAM & Multi-Vendor

Integrate many processes with many vendors all at once and manage them with ease.

Process Integration: eBonding

Go beyond just synchronising data and align your integrations to your processes, no matter how complex.

Vendor Performance

Don’t let your vendors mark their own homework! Understand their consumption in both quantity and time.

Centralised Error Handling

Get clear and immediate visibility of integration health complimented with automated incident creation.

Certified Quality

Our application is certified by ServiceNow and available on the ServiceNow Store.

Take a look under the hood

Sync & Async

Purposefully designed for either synchronous or asynchronous integrations – you can even mix and match in your processes.

Queue Management

Automatic retry mechanism and message timeouts reduce required manual intervention and highlight when it is needed.

Advanced Debugging

Our revolutionary debugging and logging tools make isolating and fixing problems a breeze. No more hunting through indescript log files or searching node logs for errors.

Integrate Anything

Designed from the ground up to cater for the most outlandish requirements as seen over decades of integrations.

Attachment Handling

Integration specific attachment control with intelligent attachment synchronisation.


All the data is managed and sent from your ServiceNow instance, giving you peace of mind that your data is secure.

Domain Support

Ensure data separation and compliance with support for native ServiceNow domain separation.

Scheduled Polling

Connect with less capable integration systems with ease. Fetch data on schedule and easily process and deliver it into your integrations.

Error Handling

Customise the way responses are handled, errors are raised and your integrations are supported. Automatically resolve integration problems or easily raise incidents within the Now platform.

Self-test & Diagnostic

Unifi comes with built in tests so you can validate functionality on your instance. You can also run a diagnostic to quickly discover common configuration issues.

Independent Integrations

Integrations are self-contained configuration stacks. This makes them easy to customise and gives you peace of mind that only the integration you are working with will be affected.

And more...

We’ve put so much thought and effort into Unifi, there is far too much to show it all here. If you’re interested in learning more then get in touch – we’re always excited to share how technically capable the solution is.

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