Jasmine BDD for ServiceNow

Building quality applications in ServiceNow is hard. It’s even harder when you don’t have tests that you can run at the click of a button. Spoke is a lightweight behaviour driven development framework for ServiceNow that make testing your application code easy.

Spoke is an alternative to ServiceNow’s Automated Test Framework, specifically designed for fast and clear server side JavaScript testing.

Spoke at a glance

Jasmine Based

Spoke uses a version of Jasmine that has been rebuilt from the ground up to work natively in ServiceNow.

Friendly Interface

Building tests is laborious at the best of times. A good UX always helps.

Living Documentation

When you start writing BDD tests, you are automatically building an API documentation for your code.


Clear Errors

If you’re testing, you want errors to be abundantly clear. Not only does Spoke capture the test failures, it will also capture errors with your script.

Automation Support

Get the full test output as JSON for one or all the tests using a simple HTTP request.

Scoped Support

Spoke can run tests in scoped applications as long as the scripts are globally accessible.


Self Tested

Spoke comes packaged with core Jasmine tests† so you can see for yourself what it can do.